Capture paper or electronic documents, process them into digitised formats, and then route them to virtually any destination
 Capture. Process. Route.

In the world of technologically advancing organisations, document workflow is constantly evolving and at times, can be complicated. Documents route through a number of individuals/departments, in various formats and may be distributed to countless locations. Automating your document workflow into a simple and easy-to-use process can be a challenge. Enter AutoStore 6, a server-based application designed to improve your organisation’s capture, process and routing of paper or electronic documents.

AutoStore captures documents from virtually any source – from a multifunctional product (MFP) , network scanner or desktop PC. Once documents are captured they can be processed with AutoStore’s powerful capabilities – de-speckling, de-skewing and barcode reading are just a few of the tools available. These cleaned-up, digitised documents can be converted into a variety of formats, such as text searchable PDFs or Microsoft Office documents. AutoStore will then route to virtually any destination: fax, email, network folders, PCs, as well as many leading document management systems. Your information is directed where you want it – quickly and accurately.

AutoStore is an enterprise solution that can transition labour intensive, chaotic and costly document workflow into an integrated, streamlined asset of your organisation.

AutoStore on HyPAS-enabled MFPs

AutoStore 6, used in conjunction with HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFPs, transforms the MFP touch screen control panel into a feature-rich user interface. This familiar touch screen allows you to unleash robust document workflow capabilities including user authentication, interface customisation, enhanced database querying and added security.

AutoStore Express & Foundation

AutoStore Express & AutoStore Foundation are a simplified document capture workflow solution designed for small to medium sized business to effectively capture, process and route critical business documents. AutoStore Express & AutoStore Foundation integrate with select Kyocera MFPs allowing you to capture documents, index & perform OCR for full text search capabilities directly from the MFP, and route to specified locations.


  • Captures paper and electronic documents from virtually any source – MFP, network scanner or desktop PC
  • Advanced processing tools including de-speckling, de-skewing, image enhancement, barcode reading and more
  • Routes documents to virtually any destination – network folder, Document Management System (DMS), fax, email and so forth
  • Embedded network authentication at the MFP touch panel securing an MFP from any unauthorised use (when powered by HyPAS)
  • Output to Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for full text search capabilities
  • Improves overall document workflow efficiency within an organisation


Card Authentication

Card Authentication

Use your existing employee identification cards to securely unlock your multifunctional product.
One Swipe Does It All: Authorise, Restrict, Limit

In most organisations, it’s quite common to see proximity cards used as a secure method to access doorways. This common technology that is used for employee identification can now provide added value to your organisation as it can also be used to authorise MFP usage.

The Kyocera Card Authentication solution is a quick and convenient security option for your multifunctional products utilising employee ID badges. With a simple swipe of a badge, users gain immediate access to their Kyocera MFP, authorising them to use features specific to their job function. With Card Authentication installed, corporate network resources and information can be secured, preventing unauthorised access.

This solution also enables administrators to track usage for reporting or accounting purposes, thereby saving your organisation from unnecessary waste. By leveraging Kyocera MFPs and in most cases your existing ID badges, your business is able to protect vital information without the need to invest in additional security cards and high-priced hardware. It’s a cost-effective solution for any enterprise.


  • Improve device-level security
  • Seamless integration with your business infrastructure using most company ID badges, such as building access cards or proximity cards
  • Track usage for reporting and accounting purposes when combined with Kyocera NET Viewer
  • Available on select Kyocera MFPs

Command Centre RX

Command Centre RX

View device status, toner levels, and paper availability at a glance through your web browser.
Take Command of Your Devices

Multifunctional products (MFPs) are vital to your day-to-day organisational operation and businesses need to be aware of the status and current capability of their devices. Command Centre RX is a web-based interface that enables users to view toner levels, paper availability and device status by simply entering the devices’ IP address into their web browser.

More detailed information as well as the ability to edit and update device settings is available to authenticated administrators once they log in. Administrators can add new folders to the MFP’s document box as well as view, move, print, delete or send individual documents to a destination in the address book, email, or a shared folder. Through this interface, administrators can build an address book of most commonly used email contacts that is accessible from the touch screen control panel – for quick and error-free scan and send. You even have the ability to download print drivers directly from Command Centre RX.

Command Centre RX puts you in command of your Kyocera MFPs


  • Provides information on device status, toner levels, paper availability and more to all users
  • Authentication to prevent unauthorised users from changing MFP settings
  • Gives administrators access to device settings including address book, document box, device drivers and more
  • Easily accessed by entering device IP address into web browser
  • Provides secure access with HTTPS
  • Standard on all Kyocera TASKalfa MFPs

ECOSYS M4125idn

  • Up to 25/12 pages A4/A3 per minute
  • Highly productive, professional print, copy, colour scan and fax (optional) functionality
  • Minimum installation and operation requirements
  • Easy to use full colour touch panel with wizard-style navigation
  • Low power consumption saves energy
  • Long-life components provide unprecedented efficiency and reliability
  • HyPAS™ solution platform enables powerful customisations

The ECOSYS M4125idn brings high-level functionality and quality black & white output to offices and workgroups looking for a small footprint MFP.

Out-of-the-box performance offers print speeds up to 25 pages per minute and flexible paper sizes up to A3. Capabilities can be further enhanced with advanced business applications, enabling the device to scale to your unique needs. Designed with Kyocera’s advanced ECOSYS technology, it delivers reliability and durability to eco-friendly offices, all with a low total cost of ownership, assuring your document imaging demands, and your bottom line, are satisfied.

Good Design Award 2017

Good Design Award 2017

ECOSYS M4132idn

  • p to 32/17 pages A4/A3 per minute
  • Highly productive, professional print, copy, colour scan and fax (optional) functionality
  • Minimum installation and operation requirements
  • Easy to use full colour touch panel with wizard-style navigation
  • Low power consumption saves energy
  • Long-life components provide unprecedented efficiency and reliability
  • HyPAS™ solution platform enables powerful customisations

Convenient and reliable, with a low total cost of ownership. That’s the ECOSYS M4132idn from Kyocera.

Award-winning ECOSYS technology combines with out-of-the-box functionality at print speeds up to 32 pages per minute and paper sizes up to A3. Advanced finishing options add professional looking output, while optional business applications further enhance the device’s capabilities with scalable solutions that expand workflow automation. Delivering a high level of functionality in a compact footprint, it’s the smart solution for businesses looking for a dependable, eco-friendly, and cost-conscious MFP.

Good Design Award 2017

Good Design Award 2017

ECOSYS M8124cidn

  • Up to 24/12 pages A4/A3 per minute
  • Highly productive, professional print, copy, colour scan and fax (optional) functionality
  • Minimum installation and operation requirements
  • Easy to use full colour touch panel with wizard-style navigation
  • Low power consumption saves energy
  • Long-life components provide unprecedented efficiency and reliability
  • HyPAS™ solution platform enables powerful customisations

The ECOSYS M8124cidn brings color and high-level functionality to businesses that demand superior performance in a cost-effective, small footprint MFP.

Designed with Kyocera’s award-winning, advanced ECOSYS technology, it offers print speeds up to 24 pages per minute and flexible paper sizes up to A3 in a device that is reliable, durable and eco-friendly. Optional business applications can further enhance the MFP’s capabilities, enabling it to scale to your unique needs. It’s a solid and dependable partner for businesses who refuse to settle for simply ordinary.

Good Design Award 2017

Good Design Award 2017

ECOSYS M8130cidn

  • Up to 30/15 pages A4/A3 per minute
  • Highly productive, professional print, copy, colour scan and fax (optional) functionality
  • Minimum installation and operation requirements
  • Easy to use full colour touch panel with wizard-style navigation
  • Low power consumption saves energy
  • Long-life components provide unprecedented efficiency and reliability
  • HyPAS™ solution platform enables powerful customisations

Exceptional business color and superior functionality with a low total cost of ownership. That’s the ECOSYS M8130cidn from Kyocera.

Designed with Kyocera’s advanced award-winning ECOSYS technology, it prints up to 30 pages per minute with flexible paper sizes up to A3. Out-of-the-box performance can be further enhanced by optional finishing and advanced business applications, enabling the device to scale to your unique needs. Satisfying your most critical document imaging demands while streamlining daily business processes in a surprisingly compact footprint, it’s the smart choice for eco-friendly, cost-conscious offices!

Good Design Award 2017

Good Design Award 2017

EFI Fiery

EFI Fiery

The art of science and print.
If you can imagine it. We can print it.

The Fiery® Printing Systems for the Kyocera TASKalfa line up cater to busy office workgroup and enterprise environments that need an easy-to-use, secure solution with high colour quality and outstanding productivity. You expect accurate colour every time, no matter how difficult the job. Fiery systems help you achieve precise colour with integrated tools that can be used by employees of all skill levels.

Get the Kyocera – Fiery advantage;

  • Achieve higher print productivity
  • Achieve higher colour accuracy and quality
  • Exceptionally easy to use
  • Seamlessly integrates with your IT infrastructure



EFI PrintMe

EFI PrintMe

Increase your workplace productivity with this Direct Mobile Printing application.
EFI™ PrintMe®

The EFI direct mobile printing feature of a Kyocera Fiery device allows users with a wireless connection to print directly from Apple mobile devices running iOS version 4.2 or later, including iPhones, iPads and the iPod touch. The direct mobile printing is a standard feature on the Kyocera Fiery Printing Systems.

With Fiery direct mobile printing, Apple mobile device users can print wirelessly using the native iOS print function. Users do not have to install printer drivers or find network printers. Mobile users select a printer and simply touch “Print.”

The Direct Mobile Printing solution brings mobile devices into the workplace to increase the productivity potential.


  • Employees working on another floor or in another building on campus can easily print wherever they are.
  • Traveling employees visiting another company site can print without finding network printers and loading printer drivers, and without any IT assistance.
  • Remote employees, such as sales people, can quickly print when at any office.
  • Visitors or contract workers can print using guest networks

Visit EFI


i2 Conversion Server and Desktop

i2 Conversion Server and Desktop

Document conversion and OCR’ing made easy.

The perfect complement to your multifunctional product or scanner when smart document conversion, document separation or filtering is required! i2 Conversion Server provides the automated conversion, batch separation and image filtering for a wide range of file formats into a unified filename and file format convention without requiring end user intervention.

Create jobs based on specific business rules and let i2 Conversion Server run in the background doing the work. i2 Conversion Server offers the option to create Text Searchable PDF documents that enable fast and effective searching of your document archive based on file content.

Help offset per user software and support costs by offering one centralised point for file conversion.


  • Supports multiple conversion jobs running at the same time (Desktop allows 2 jobs at once)
  • Text searchable PDF/A output ships as standard
  • Watch folders and import images/documents as they are dropped into a folder (ideal for multifunctional products on a network)
  • Support for up to 50 different file formats
  • Use existing filenames and directory structures or specify automated file naming rules
  • Option to delete blank pages from documents as part of the conversion process
  • Convert files in unlimited sub directory depths and recreate the directory structures as part of the file conversion process
  • Output to a wide variety of file formats including Word, Excel, TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, Text Searchable PDF/A and plain text
  • Real-time feedback with page viewing during conversion providing visual job progress
  • Output to folder, Sharepoint, Trim, FTP, email or all at once! (Conversion Server only)
  • Email output files as attachments or as a hyperlinks
  • Simple to install, setup and use. You’ll be running jobs within minutes of installation
  • Option to run as a Windows Service. Just set and forget
  • Supports document separator sheets to allow multiple document processing from a network multifunctional product in one scan
  • Image filters including orientation detection and correction
  • Run custom scripts for specialised document conversion, routing and logging (Conversion Server only)

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i2 Scan

i2 Scan

Batch scanning and indexing made easy.

i2 Scan is a batch scanning application that automates the scanning, naming, indexing and storing of your documents. Batch scanning is the ability to scan large volumes of documents in one go, you utilise the speed of the scanner and speed up the entire document naming and storing process.

You can scan documents directly into i2 Scan and watch folders on your network where your multifunctional products place documents and seamlessly import them. Using tools such as zonal OMR, zonal OCR, barcodes, keywords and lasso OCR, documents are quickly indexed, named and stored ready for future retrieval. i2 Scan can create a directory tree based on document index values and export in numerous formats including TIFF, PDF, PDF/A or text searchable PDF/A.

If you have a database or document management system (such as Sharepoint or Trim) i2 Scan can export the document indexing data directly or you may wish to export via FTP, ODBC or save it to a CSV/XML data file.

Take back your valuable storage space, utilise your paper records and use your time more effectively.


  • Job setup based on document settings and business rules
  • Create fields on any page within a document (not just the first page)
  • Zonal OMR. Read marks such as ticks, crosses or signatures.
  • Text searchable PDF/A output with embedded index meta-data
  • Watch folders. Import images directly into a batch as they are dropped into a folder (ideal for multifunctional products on a network)
  • Document separation using separator sheets, zone based text recognition, barcode detection or page count
  • Zonal OCR. Read defined areas on a document automatically
  • Key from image. Define an area to zoom when processing
  • Lasso OCR and Barcode tools. During processing, select an area to read the image and populate an index field with the result
  • Pre index option. Enter data once that is common to all documents within a batch
  • Field value selection. Option to import data and create pull down lists used for selecting index values within fields
  • Workflow segmentation. Batches can be created, scanned and then processed at a later time, or paused and resumed later
  • Set batches to export when your system is idle to maximise productivity
  • i2’s “Smart Seek” technology locates predefined text then extracts data within the region or zooms for user input
  • Full automation allows documents to be scanned (or imported), processed and exported without user intervention
  • Export to numerous destinations and formats such as Sharepoint, MYOB, HP TRIM, FTP, CSV/XML file or via ODBC
  • Colour visual aids assist processors in identifying poor OCR/Barcodes reads and prompt for greater scrutiny
  • i2’s “Auto Detect” technology automatically determines the type of document and assigns the appropriate job
  • On the fly document splitting, page rotation and auto-deskew
  • Page anchors help align fields on poorly aligned documents

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KX Driver

KX Driver

Single interface print driver designed to simplify the user experience when it comes to finishing their printed output.
Do More Than Just Print

We are all accustomed to printing directly from our desktop – selecting File, then Print. With Kyocera’s KX Driver, it’s just as easy to enhance your document output as it is to send a job to print. The KX Driver is filled with features so you can do more than just print. With your KX Driver you can specify the number of sets, required paper handling, duplex, EcoPrint, and stapling for enhanced productivity in the office…and professionally finished document output that will impress.

The KX Driver for Windows® environments was the industry’s first “single interface” print driver. This innovative design offers the same basic look and feel to the user regardless of the Windows operating system (OS) they use, the PDL they select, or Kyocera device being used. This strategy of delivering a single interface driver enables users to have a more thorough understanding of the features available, minimises user error, reduces issues resulting from customer OS upgrades, and simplifies management by IT.


  • Instant access to commonly used print features – easily select paper types and sources, page orientation, number of copies, duplexing, EcoPrint, applicable finishing features, etc.
  • Requires only a single install for users who require PCL and PostScript PDLs
  • Job storage for secure on-demand printing and private print enhances security and user control
  • Preview jobs with multiple finishing attributes prior to printing
  • Improve colour accuracy and better replicate corporate logos with advanced colour settings
  • Deter unauthorised copying though inserting a Security Watermark
  • Supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP
  • Available on all Kyocera MFPs and printers

Kyocera Cloud Connect

The cloud now has a silver lining

Kyocera Cloud Connect

Cloud computing and cloud storage are revolutionising the way businesses work. Kyocera’s Cloud Connect delivers a solution that bridges Kyocera’s multifunctional products to Google Drive and the popular Evernote cloud service application. It enables users to upload and share files with their Google Drive or Evernote account and Kyocera device.

Kyocera Cloud Connect provides businesses with the flexibility to connect from anywhere and at any time:

  •  Scan from your Kyocera device to your Google Drive or Evernote account
  • Print stored documents from your Kyocera device
  • Easy access to your documents wherever you are

The sky is the limit with Kyocera Cloud Connect.

Kyocera Ecosys FS-1061DN

Functional and quiet for smaller workgroups

  • Up to 25 pages per minute in A4
  • 250-sheet universal cassette and manual feed
  • USB and network connectivity as standard
  • Automatic duplex print capability
  • Very compact size and footprint
  • Low-noise printing, with Quiet Mode function
  • Highly reliable thanks to long-life components
  • Exceptionally low printing costs for its class

Compact, efficient and highly economical, the FS-1061DN is the ideal printer for your desktop with a Quiet Mode button that significantly reduces noise. The standard duplex print capability and network interface make it perfect for personal use or small workgroups. Robust and reliable, with KYOCERA’s hard-wearing components, the FS-1061DN is a hassle free printer you can depend on.

Kyocera Ecosys FS-C2626MFP

Get in touch with high colour productivity.

  • Up to 26 pages per minute in A4 in colour and b/w
  • Time to first copy: 10(12) seconds in b/w (colour)
  • Double-sided print, copy, scan and fax functionality as standard
  • Powerful controller: 800 MHz, 1 GB RAM, Gigabit interface
  • Full-colour touch panel provides ease of use
  • High security through SSL, IPsec and Private Print functionality
  • HyPAS solution platform enables powerful customizations
  • Compact design with low noise
  • Exceptionally low printing costs in its class


Speed and reliability in colour and b/w is now combined with even higher usability to fulfill the growing demand of small and medium-sized workgroups. This highly productive device provides with its integrated colour touch panel direct access to the full potential of the compact A4 MFP. The document workflow can be optimized with the use of dedicated program keys and the integrated solution platform HyPAS. The exceptional reliability of KYOCERA’s long-life components makes it ideal for your finances and good for the environment.

Kyocera Ecosys M2040dn

  • Up to 40 pages per minute in A4
  • Time to first copy and first print 6.4 sec.
  • Dual scan document processor supporting A6 originals
  • 1,200 dpi printing resolution
  • Duplex unit for cost-saving double-sided printing
  • Up to 2 optional paper feeders for up to 850 sheets
  • Compact design with low-noise printing
  • Exceptionally low printing costs in its class

These two devices are ready to become key players in your office. With a print speed of 40 pages per minute, short first print and first copy times and professional scanning features, including simultaneous scanning of both document sides, they will surely help boost the productivity in their respective workgroups.
Their low TCO makes them a very affordable and reasonable choice. Toner and paper capacity are equally impressive too, with up to 7,200 pages from one toner cartridge and up to 850 pages with two optional paper feeders. And as is to be expected from any KYOCERA device, they are extremely reliable, meaning you can stay productive as long as you need to.