Pre-Owned Devices

Pre-Owned Factory Refurbished Equipment 

On this page we have provided pictures of used machines available from Digital Document Solutions.

There are occasions when limited budgets or reduced demands compel a client to seek a low cost DDS solution.

Investing in one of our factory re-manufactured ex-showroom or rental models offers a simple and more economical solution.

These are not just second hand units. DDS fully refurbished products are re-manufactured to original factory specifications in our on-site workshop facility by our highly trained professional technicians.

Please note that the digital technology in these models is virtually identical to the latest more expensive units. However, they are a lot cheaper and even look the same.

We only use OEM components to ensure the completed system not only looks and performs as new but is also offered with a new machine warranty and a maintenance plan.

In addition, the completed model is updated with the very latest firmware and software, and fully tested to ensure it operates to factory specifications, thus ensuring it will provide you with many years of reliable operation.

These systems are available at a fraction of the cost of the very latest, and substantially more expensive models, and can be acquired by purchase, lease or on our unique low cost rental plan in exactly the same way as brand new products.

If you are just starting a new business or simply want a more economical solution to meet your needs, why not consider one of excellent factory reconditioned models

It won’t cost you a cent to enquire and quite frankly you will be very pleased that you did.

Contact us today for all your pre-owned printer needs. Our qualified technicians and consultants are on hand to assist you with all your enquiries.