Your office copy machine stores so much data

Jun. 29, 2016

How can you protect it? Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and because of this, we’ve had to pay careful attention to data security. Hard drives from computers store information and are most at risk for a data security breach, but did you know that your printer has the same type of risk? Most multifunction printers (MFPs) contain hard drives that record and store data, which means whatever you have scanned or printed could still be on the hard drive. Digital information is transmitted to a printing device through a computer, over a network, by scanning, or through a telephone line. Most of the time this data is stored on a hard drive so the device can print quickly, … Continue reading

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The fax machine – dead or alive?

Dec. 07, 2015

If the fax machine could talk, it might quote Mark Twain when he said “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” While many of us have completely embraced the digital age and now scoff at the mere mention of using a fax machine, its death has been prematurely predicted for years. But is its actual death imminent, or is the humble fax machine still going to be around for a while to come? Let’s take a look. When someone asks me if they can fax me a document, I tend to ask myself why people still use fax machines, while at the same time trying to find my fax-to-email number, which I keep in case of such emergencies. Although … Continue reading

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