Choosing between a colour and black and white printer

When choosing between a colour or black and white (monochrome) printer, it comes down to your needs and your budget.

If for home or personal use, Digital Document Solutions’ Kyocera ECOSYS range of mono and colour printers could be your best option. But if you are in an office environment that requires faster printing in high volumes and a lower cost per page, the range of Kyocera TASKalfa A3 business grade colour or monochrome printers could be more suited to your needs.

While inkjet printers are still popular and have their purpose, Kyocera monochrome and colour laser multifunction printers are more economical to run, faster, quieter and more reliable.

Some factors to consider when choosing between a colour or monochrome printer:

Your needs

For some businesses it may be obvious that a colour printer is what you need. For example if you require colour prints such as photographs, marketing materials, projects, presentations or business literature. But even if this is not a core part of your business, keep in mind that colour prints have the power to make your documents more vibrant, engaging and give a better overall impression.

If you are printing high volumes of text documents, research papers, memos and letters and need those prints quickly and efficiently then a monochrome printer would fit your needs.


Advances in printer technology now mean that the difference in cost between monochrome and colour printers is closer than ever before. No longer is a colour printer double the price of a monochrome device and while the main difference is the extra functionality available and the obvious ability to print in full colour, a modern colour printer will provide black and white prints for the same cost per page as a dedicated monochrome printer.

Monochrome printers only require one black toner cartridge, which means less consumables to purchase. Colour printers require one black and three colour cartridges, but there is no difference in the overall cost-per-print for colour or black and white prints.  


When colour printers entered the market they were noticeably slower to print each page. This is because it took time for each layer of colour to be applied to the imaging system before it could be transferred to the paper. Today’s technology has solved this problem by placing all four colours on the imaging unit in a single pass, so now most colour and monochrome printers can print at the same speed.

The speed of printing has also increased in today’s modern machines, which have an immense amount of onboard memory and super-fast processors. The Kyocera TASKalfa and ECOSYS colour printer range can produce up to an incredible 80 pages per minute in full colour.

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