Facts about renting a printer vs buying a printer

Deciding whether to rent or buy a printer

When looking at the costs, ongoing maintenance and repairs, and price of consumables for your printer, there is a lot to consider. Since the cost of purchasing a suitable printer does not always include the cost of maintenance and replacement toner, it may be a better option to enter into a rental arrangement that helps reduce these costs.

Since rental arrangements for printers are more commonplace these days in Australia, you can negotiate, adjust and tailor a monthly plan that suits your specific needs.

Of course, if your business has low print demands then purchasing a printer may be your best option. Things to consider when deciding whether to rent or purchase a printer:


  • Low initial costs :Printers can be quite expensive to purchase in one hit, which can take a big bite out of your budget.
  • Upgrade options: Your machine can be replaced every few years or upgraded to include extra features and new technology as part of your rental agreement.
  • Less hassle: Renting is convenient because it offers maintenance plans and easy ordering of toner.
  • Tax cuts: You may be able to claim up to 100% of the rental premium against your taxable income as a business owner.
  • Can be more expensive in the long-term: At the end of the rental term, you may end up paying slightly more for the printer, however the savings in maintenance, repairs and taxation offsets usually outweigh this.


  • Upfront cost: Some printers can cost several thousand dollars and, as one of the first things a new business needs to purchase, this can leave less room in the budget for other things.
  • Replacement cost: If the machine breaks down and is beyond repair, the cost of the machine is sunk and more budget must be allocated to replace it.
  • Outdated technology: When you own your machine, you are limited to use only that machine. Rental arrangements offer upgrades as part of the contract.
  • Disposal: When the printer reaches end of life and is no longer serviceable, you are responsible for the safe disposal/recycling and clearing data off the hard drive.

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