How to maintain your photocopier or multifunction printer

When your photocopier or multifunction printer stops working it can cause timely delays, which is why it is essential to ensure it is correctly looked after.

Use the right products

Every machine is different and the choice of toner or paper can affect the print quality as well as the reliability of the machine. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) toner is the best choice for your laser photocopier or multifunction printer as it is manufactured specifically to achieve optimum print quality and reliability. Generic compatible toner may be cheaper than OEM products and can deliver high quality prints if purchased from a reputable brand, however by using generic toner it may affect the life of the drum or developer unit and therefore the manufacturer’s warranty, which could be far more be costly in the long run. Kyocera OEM toner has been manufactured to assist in the longevity of the unique ECOSYS drum, so it is recommended to only use Kyocera OEM toner for all Kyocera TASKalfa and ECOSYS products.

Choosing the right paper is very important. Bond paper is the best choice for general printing because it has an uncoated surface and allows the toner to fuse well with the paper. Good quality paper will be more reliable, produce higher quality prints and create less paper dust than cheaper brands.

Load the paper correctly

Paper jams are not only a waste of paper but also of a waste of time and toner. If the paper is not loaded correctly, it can curl at the edges and get stuck as it passes through the printer/photocopier system. The best way to load your paper to minimise the chance of paper jams, is:

  1. Open the paper tray
  2. Expand the tray guide to accommodate the paper
  3. Fan the ream of paper to remove any static electricity
  4. Do not fill the tray above the fill line on the inner side of the tray
  5. Re-adjust the tray guide to fit snugly against the paper
  6. Close the tray slowly to avoid moving the paper

Correctly store paper

To avoid moisture in the air affecting the paper and causing paper jams or effecting the quality of the print, keep it in the wax-coated packaging until you’re ready to use it. For those paper types rarely used, (such as A3 or coloured paper) consider putting a small amount of paper into your printer cassette and keep the remainder in the package it came in and re-sealing it as best as possible.

Schedule regular maintenance checks

To extend the life of your photocopier or multifunction printer it is important to schedule regular maintenance checks from a qualified professional who knows your specific machine well. Printers and photocopiers have many components and working parts that need to be inspected regularly to identify any potential issues.

There are things that you can do so that you do not always need a qualified professional to clean your machine. Clean the copy glass and take particular care to remove dust wherever possible. Build up of dust can cause paper jams and streaks on papers where they are not wanted. Consult your operator’s manual under “Maintenance” for more details.

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