Things to consider before you buy a multifunction printer

Buying a multifunction printer

Gone are the days of having a different machine for printing, faxing, photocopying and scanning. Multifunction printers like the Kyocera TASKalfa and ECOSYS laser multifunction printers perform all these functions, can save space and reduce the cost of running multiple machines.

Multifunction printers can perform multiple tasks at once without compromising the quality of the individual task, this allows your business to better streamline tasks and improve productivity.

Some things to consider when considering a multifunction printer:


The main function of a multifunction printer is printing, with added functions of scanning, copying and sending/receiving faxes. These added functions mean the machine comes with additional document feeders, software and more complex control panels, therefore costing more than a standard printer.

The price of a multifunction printer will vary and not all machines offer the same functions. Many modern multifunction printers offer fax capabilities as an option since it is becoming less common.


It’s important to consider how the printer will integrate into your existing network and be able to connect to other office equipment including laptops, desktop computers and tablets.

Multifunction printers can allow you to print from a desktop computer connected to a service via a network cable, a USB plugged into the machine itself or wirelessly. A wireless or Wi-Fi multifunction printer enables access to remote printing applications directly from mobile or wireless devices eliminating the need for unsightly cords and tripping hazards.

Ease of use

Most multifunction printers like the Kyocera TASKalfa and ECOSYS laser range come with large interactive tablet style displays, making selection of your required function much easier. From the basic copy function to sending scanned documents directly to an email address or even creating specific document workflows to increase archiving productivity, it is easy to personalise your multifunction system to your business requirements.

Handy ‘wizards’ will guide you through the installation process and any troubleshooting such as paper jams or toner replacement.

If you are still stuck, Digital Document Solutions can arrange to have repairs and maintenance incorporated into your purchase or rental arrangement.


If you need to scan and store sensitive documents using your multifunction printer then security is important. Technology in this area has advanced significantly over the last few years and specific device security applications ensure your documents are safeguarded and not be left on the hard drive. This software and web interfacing can easily be set up and secured.

If you need more information regarding a multifunction printer for your home or office, contact Digital Document Solutions today!