i2 Conversion Server and Desktop

I2 Conversion Server

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i2 Conversion Server and Desktop

Document conversion and OCR’ing made easy.

The perfect complement to your multifunctional product or scanner when smart document conversion, document separation or filtering is required! i2 Conversion Server provides the automated conversion, batch separation and image filtering for a wide range of file formats into a unified filename and file format convention without requiring end user intervention.

Create jobs based on specific business rules and let i2 Conversion Server run in the background doing the work. i2 Conversion Server offers the option to create Text Searchable PDF documents that enable fast and effective searching of your document archive based on file content.

Help offset per user software and support costs by offering one centralised point for file conversion.


  • Supports multiple conversion jobs running at the same time (Desktop allows 2 jobs at once)
  • Text searchable PDF/A output ships as standard
  • Watch folders and import images/documents as they are dropped into a folder (ideal for multifunctional products on a network)
  • Support for up to 50 different file formats
  • Use existing filenames and directory structures or specify automated file naming rules
  • Option to delete blank pages from documents as part of the conversion process
  • Convert files in unlimited sub directory depths and recreate the directory structures as part of the file conversion process
  • Output to a wide variety of file formats including Word, Excel, TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, Text Searchable PDF/A and plain text
  • Real-time feedback with page viewing during conversion providing visual job progress
  • Output to folder, Sharepoint, Trim, FTP, email or all at once! (Conversion Server only)
  • Email output files as attachments or as a hyperlinks
  • Simple to install, setup and use. You’ll be running jobs within minutes of installation
  • Option to run as a Windows Service. Just set and forget
  • Supports document separator sheets to allow multiple document processing from a network multifunctional product in one scan
  • Image filters including orientation detection and correction
  • Run custom scripts for specialised document conversion, routing and logging (Conversion Server only)

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      i2 Conversion Server and Desktop Driver Downloads

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