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i2 Scan

Batch scanning and indexing made easy.

i2 Scan is a batch scanning application that automates the scanning, naming, indexing and storing of your documents. Batch scanning is the ability to scan large volumes of documents in one go, you utilise the speed of the scanner and speed up the entire document naming and storing process.

You can scan documents directly into i2 Scan and watch folders on your network where your multifunctional products place documents and seamlessly import them. Using tools such as zonal OMR, zonal OCR, barcodes, keywords and lasso OCR, documents are quickly indexed, named and stored ready for future retrieval. i2 Scan can create a directory tree based on document index values and export in numerous formats including TIFF, PDF, PDF/A or text searchable PDF/A.

If you have a database or document management system (such as Sharepoint or Trim) i2 Scan can export the document indexing data directly or you may wish to export via FTP, ODBC or save it to a CSV/XML data file.

Take back your valuable storage space, utilise your paper records and use your time more effectively.


  • Job setup based on document settings and business rules
  • Create fields on any page within a document (not just the first page)
  • Zonal OMR. Read marks such as ticks, crosses or signatures.
  • Text searchable PDF/A output with embedded index meta-data
  • Watch folders. Import images directly into a batch as they are dropped into a folder (ideal for multifunctional products on a network)
  • Document separation using separator sheets, zone based text recognition, barcode detection or page count
  • Zonal OCR. Read defined areas on a document automatically
  • Key from image. Define an area to zoom when processing
  • Lasso OCR and Barcode tools. During processing, select an area to read the image and populate an index field with the result
  • Pre index option. Enter data once that is common to all documents within a batch
  • Field value selection. Option to import data and create pull down lists used for selecting index values within fields
  • Workflow segmentation. Batches can be created, scanned and then processed at a later time, or paused and resumed later
  • Set batches to export when your system is idle to maximise productivity
  • i2’s “Smart Seek” technology locates predefined text then extracts data within the region or zooms for user input
  • Full automation allows documents to be scanned (or imported), processed and exported without user intervention
  • Export to numerous destinations and formats such as Sharepoint, MYOB, HP TRIM, FTP, CSV/XML file or via ODBC
  • Colour visual aids assist processors in identifying poor OCR/Barcodes reads and prompt for greater scrutiny
  • i2’s “Auto Detect” technology automatically determines the type of document and assigns the appropriate job
  • On the fly document splitting, page rotation and auto-deskew
  • Page anchors help align fields on poorly aligned documents

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